What Is MAC Cloning?

Many of us have tried to use a MAC Address Cloning Program. This is not as easy as it sounds. It requires you to know how the Address works and what each number stands for. The MAC Address comprises six sets of two hexadecimal digits – or twelve digits in total, separated by colons (:). So if you want to clone your MAC Address, you need to know what each digit means and how they work together with the other eleven numbers that make up your MAC Address.

The first digit in the MAC Address is “00”: This tells other computers that the Address is assigned on a local network. The second digit: this number represents the vendor, so if you buy your computer from Apple, then the MAC Address will start with “02”. If Dell produces your computer, it will use an address starting with “1F2”, while HP uses addresses beginning with “000,” and IBM uses addresses beginning with 0001.

MAC Addresses are “universal,” meaning they are used by all networks worldwide, although their configuration does vary slightly between each manufacturer. For example, the EEE code (which stands for Extended Ethertype) is used to provide information about what type of network card you have.

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