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Router administration panels are usually located at, to log in–but if you can’t get there for any reason (either they’re down or the address doesn’t work), here’s how to find your router IP:

For Windows

Finding the Router IP Address is easy for Windows users.

Step 1) In your Windows PC, click the Start button, then Select Control Panel.

Step 2) In the search box, type ‘cmd’ (without quotes).

Step 3) From the list of programs, select Command Prompt.

Step 4) Once in the command prompt, type ipconfig. An output similar to the following will appear: You can see that your IP address is there.

For Mac OS X

The procedure for finding the default Router IP Address is a bit more complex than Windows, although it isn’t very difficult. Follow these steps to find out your router’s IP address on macOS:

1) Open System Preferences from Finder or Launchpad and open Network settings

2) Click Advanced…

3) Select TCP/IP

4) Below “Configure IPv4,” you will see four fields labeled with the letters A-D

5 ) Infield D type in “www” without quotes and press enter

6 ) You should now be able to view what your current router IP is

For Linux

To find the IP Address on Linux, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find your computer’s current network name by typing “ifconfig” in Terminal
  2. Make a note of this information because it will be used later to identify and connect with that same device from other computers or devices
  3. Type either ifconfig eth0 | more (to display long list) or ifconfig -a (shortcut for saying all interfaces) into a terminal window to see which interface has an IPv4 address assigned.

For Android

To find your router’s IP address on Android,

  • open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi.
  • Find your wireless network in the list of available connections (the one you’ve previously connected to), then scroll down below it until you see “IP Address.”
  • For those with an older version of Android, many third-party apps can be used, such as WifiAnalyzer or Network Tools by Mobiwolker, which will provide a default Router IP Address for free. But for higher versions like 7.0+, users can simply access their phone settings where they’ll find either Wi-Fi or Wireless Connections depending if iPhone is using 3G/4G instead and go through each connection before locating IPv4 Default Gateway under Advanced Options.

For iOS

For iOS devices, follow the below steps.

  • Go to Settings, then Wi-Fi.
  • Select your network that is currently connected.
  • Now, Click on the Static tab.
  • You can find your router’s IP Address there.

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