D-Link Router Setup

To make your D-Link Router the wireless connection of choice, configure it in just a few minutes. Once you have configured and set up your Router, the Wi-Fi setup will be quick and easy so that all family members can enjoy their favorite shows without interruption or delay on any device with an internet connection!

Steps to set up your D-Link Router:

  1. Open the Router’s configuration by typing ‘’ in the address bar of your browser window and pressing enter
  2. Enter the admin password when prompted
  3. Select Wireless Settings from the menu on the left to get started
  4. Choose a name for your wireless network from the drop-down list, or enter one in manually and then click Add/Save
  5. Enter the wireless SSID and password in the Router’s fields, as well as security settings for your network, and then click Apply
  6. Go to your computer and connect to the new network name you have created with the password that suits your needs (Make sure that you are using an Ethernet cable)
  7. When access is granted, follow these steps:

Connect a patch cable from the yellow Internet port on the back of your Router to an available port on your modem or gateway

Connect a patch cable from any of the blue Internet ports on the back of your Router to an open wired port on any switch or hub that is connected to other computers in addition to your main computer being able to communicate with the Internet (NOTE: If you have a built-in switch or hub on your computer, you may not need to connect the blue port)

  1. Consult with your owner’s manual for more information and options regarding network configuration
  2. Go to any computer connected via an Ethernet cable to your Router and type into the browser address bar, and press enter
  3. You will be prompted for an admin password, so then enter it and proceed further
  4. You can now edit SSID broadcast settings of your wireless network as well as change its name in this window
  5. Finally, click the Save Settings option at the bottom of that page to save all changes made above and successfully configure D-Link Router.
  6. You can now successfully connect to the Internet through D-Link Router without any issues!

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